Rubber or Wood

This past Memorial Day weekend, I got into a somewhat heated discussion about the benefits of rubber mulch versus wood mulch. I guess I’m happy that they found another use for used tires, but the costs seem to be prohibitive to me.  It is times like these that I find myself turning into an angry bird. I really don’t know much about them. I have never played the game, but I know they finally achieved enough notoriety to make them into a movie. Maybe those birds are angry at us, and that is why they wake us up each morning before sunrise in spring. 

When I turn into an angry person I usually find some reason to blame others. I need to look at the man in the mirror then I see the culprit.  I remember when my daughter was approaching the teenage years, we were watching a show on television. It was some hospital drama show where the hospital was getting ready to be blown up. I figured I would be on my knees praying, but the young nurse wanted to remove something from her bucket list in the broom closet. I got up, and yanked the cable out of the wall, saying I didn’t want my daughter watching this garbage. Everyone in the house became instantly mad at me for quite some time. I figured there had to be a better way.

Is this how God has called me to love? I knew I had to control my temper. I remember a Saturday morning meeting in the Church basement. Deacon John Leonas was telling his faith story to a father/son group. He told of his prayer life with his wife and I learned a very important lesson. He was an example to all of us in the room on how to pray for our families, and how to love our wives. I had to be an example for my family. I needed to pray more; I needed to be a man of faith. I vowed to make it to church every Sunday and be part of the faith community.

I heard a smart Jewish man say that if you are in a bad mood, you can instantly change it by doing a good deed. We are called to serve just as Jesus came to serve. At the end of time, God will ask how we loved and whom we loved.
Blessings for the journey,


Larry Spieks

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