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After hearing Mathew's Gospel the last month of Sundays, we heard about the end times. We learned about being a worker in His vineyard, having our lamps filled with oil, about not burying our talents in the ground and about recognizing Jesus in the poor.

Now it is Advent and a new liturgical year. St. Mark, the Evangelist, also tells us to “watch”. Watch and be ready.  Advent is not simply penitential season but a time of joyful and devout preparation, even though the priest wears purple. It’s a time for preparing our homes for Jesus by slowing down and to savor the darkness. It is making room for Christ in our lives.

We prepare with joy even if our lives may be a mess. Knowing that God loves us is enough. We prepare for not only the birth of Christ in Bethlehem but for his second coming. When Christ the king comes back it will be a time of joy because we have made the preparations because we have accepted Him into our hearts. Christ the King Sunday, Advent, and Christmas reminds us what we are called to do. It is a renewal, a reminder of the new way and the new covenant. If we are slowing down and saying no to things that may just clutter our lives, are we making room for Jesus?  If Jesus came today would you have room for him in your life?

 I came across a wonderful Advent/ Christmas movie this past week. Check out Max Lucado’s “The Christmas Candle”. It is set in a small town in 19th Century England. Every 25 years an angel visits the candle makers shop and blesses one candle, the Christmas Candle. This candle is given to the person in most need at the time, with the simple instructions, light this candle and prays. This year the candle gets lost. Since they don’t know which candle it is they give out all the candles. Many good things happen in the town just because of prayer and belief. In the end, the Christmas Candle does get lit and there is a miraculous ending.

Our Advent goal, through prayer, should be to become closer to God this Christmas than ever before.

".....a vital and personal relationship with the living and true God. This relationship is prayer."
- para. 2558 Catechism of the Catholic Church

Blessings for the journey,

Larry Spiek

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